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  1. Are Moc Toe Boots More Comfortable?

    Moc toe boots can be more comfortable...if they're made well! What makes a boot comfortable tends to be how it's built and how well they fit your feet, rather than the design of the boot itself. 

    There are a lot of different companies making work boots but just because a pair is made with a particular design - logger, packer, what have you - doesn't mean the style of the boot makes them more comfortable. 

    Moc toe boots have a reputation for being very comfortable, but it has more to do with how the popular brands of moc toe boots are made (materials, construction) rather than just the toe design itself. Let's get into why.

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  2. What Is The Purpose Of Lace To Toe Boots?

    The purpose of lace-to-toe boots is to add a little more rigidity to the toe box. It keeps the toes from flexing further than they should, but also spreads lace tension over a larger area. That lets you lace your boots to support your feet, but without having to make the ankle or other parts of the boot too tight. 

    Lace to toe boot are a classic work boot (and heritage boot) style that has been around for a long time, which is why a lot of boot brands offer lace-to-toe as an option or make certain boots with that lacing pattern as a matter of course. 

    Should you get lace to toe boots?

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  3. Why Do People Wear Logger Boots When They Obviously Aren't Loggers?

    The term "logger boots" is really a style of work boot rather than a specific piece of equipment for people who do a specific job for the most part. The "logger" style has come to mean a leather boot with specific design features instead of a specialized design that they once were.

    Today, a "logger boot" really has come to mean a work boots with a taller, non-western heel profile and sometimes a kiltie on the tongue. When people say "logger boots" or search for them online, that's usually what they mean. 

    Sometimes...they don't. We're going to talk about that, don't worry. 

    But why do people like this style of boot? Let's talk about that.

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