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  1. What Are Tanker Boots?

    Tanker boots are a military boot style that was designed for and worn by tank crews. They've caught on for civilians as work boots and casual boots, because of some qualities of the design. 

    Tanker boots are halfway between pull-on boots and laced boots, in that they have more support than pull-on boots but don't have laces. Equal parts form and function! 

    Tanker boots are still in military service, as the purpose for the boot design still exists. Beyond use inside a tank, tankers are a great boot design for someone who wants a tough boot that goes on and comes off more easily than a typical work boot.

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  2. How Will Your Leather Boots Change Over Time?

    Leather boots change as they age. You'll notice some difference in how they feel to a degree, but also in the color. Exactly how they age depends on the color of leather you bought, and the type of leather your boots are made of. 

    Another factor, of course, is how you maintain your boots. The more studious you are with conditioning the leather has an impact on how they age, too. 

    While there are some companies that specialize in processes that pre-age or distress leather boots, real wear gives them so much more character. The wear lines, patina and change in color from a pair of lived-in leather boots is better when it isn't faked. 

    So what can you expect from your leather boots over time? It depends a lot on your specific pair, how you wear them and how you care for them...but let's talk about some things you can expect to see.

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  3. Are Work Boots Good For Hiking?

    Work boots are absolutely good for hiking. Not only that, some work boots are better for hiking than a lot of hiking boots. Classic hiking boots and a lot of work boots are almost identical. also depends on what kind of hiking you're doing. There are some instances where you're going to be better off with a purpose-made pair...but those are some fairly rare circumstances. 

    So let's talk about what separates a pair of work boots and modern hiking boots.

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  4. Where Did These Silly Rules About Brown Boots Come From?

    The conventions about footwear are that you aren't supposed to wear brown boots with certain choices of clothing, or with certain colors, or without a matching belt, who came up with these rules?

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  5. What's the Difference Between Men's and Women's Sizing?

    When shopping for just about any type of footwear every store and online shop will separate their products by two categories first:

    Men’s and Women’s. 

    For a lot of fashion wear this can make sense. However, what is it about a pair of work boots, or boots in general that makes it any more geared towards a male or female? Really it just comes down to sizing, however men’s and women’s feet are not that drastically different from each other.

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  6. How To Wash Work Boots? Don't...Here's How You Clean Them

    Regular maintenance, and cleaning are  crucial to getting the most out of your work boots.

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  7. How Boot Soles Get Attached

    There are a few different ways a sole can be attached to a pair of boots. Let's discuss the best practices to ensure those soles stay attached after hundreds of hours.

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