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  1. Do My Boots Need A Toe Cap?

    You might notice that a number of more casual boots - as opposed to full-on work boots - have a toe cap, either as standard or as an option.

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  2. Can I Still Order Work Boots During The Coronavirus Quarantine?

    You might be wondering if you can still order a pair of work boots or firefighter boots during the coronavirus quarantine and the resulting stay-at-home order in force here in Washington state. After all, some people's need for a good pair of work boots regardless of whatever else is going on, as you might be considered an essential worker.

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  3. 3 Methods For Polishing Your Leather Boots

    Wondering how to polish leather boots? There are a few different methods. As the old saying goes, there's more than one way to pet a cat.

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  4. 3 Things To Look For In Motorcycle Boots

    How are you supposed to pick motorcycle boots? There are so many styles and so many companies that make them. The sheer number of options on the market could make your head spin.

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  5. How To Get Fit For Work Boots Remotely

    It's not difficult, and you can do it in the comfort of your own home. There are a few steps you'll have to go through, and it's recommended that you have someone there to help you.

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  6. Why Are Motorcycle Boots Important?

    Riding a motorcycle is not like taking a drive in a Rolls Royce. You feel vibrations from the bike, bumps in the road and so on. Therefore, you want footwear that minimizes the shock to your feet.

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