Monthly Archives: March 2020

  1. What Are Heritage Boots?

    A "heritage" product is simply a reproduction or continuation of a classic product that remains in production in the modern-day due to its inherent virtues. Let's take a look.

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  2. How To Tell If You Laced Your Work Boots Correctly

    To get the best fit, support, and function with your boots, we recommend using the 2-1-3 method of lacing.

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  3. Can Motorcycle Boots Be Resoled?

    So, whether any pair of leather boots of any sort - motorcycle or otherwise - depends entirely on the welt, which is part of how boots are made.

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  4. What Is A Half Lug Sole On Leather Boots?

    You may have seen some leather boots with what's called a "half-lug sole," often enough - at least with quality examples - a Vibram product, and at that the Mini Vibram sole. It's a very common sole style on work boots and on some casual shoes as well.

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  5. How Tall Should My Motorcycle Boots Be?

    Remember, motorcycle boots are protective gear as well as a fashion statement. Worry about function first, and THEN worry about form.

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