Monthly Archives: February 2020

  1. Do Logger Boots Make Good Hiking Boots?

    Since a logger boot is made for hard work outdoors, some people wonder if they make good hiking boots. As with any outdoor pursuit, you want to invest in gear that can stand up to the use and abuse when you're out in places that cars can't get to.

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  2. What Are Engineer Boots?

    Engineer boots, also called engineer's boots, are a pull-on boot style that's pretty much only common among motorcyclists, though they are hardly the only kind that motorcycle riders wear.

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  3. What's So Important About Arch Support?

    Arch support is actually the heart and soul of practical footwear; if you have good arch support, that's correct for your feet, then you'll be more comfortable, more stable, and being on your feet won't feel like an ordeal.

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