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  1. How To Buy Wildland Fire Boots

    If you need a new pair of wildland fire boots or your first pair, you had better make a good choice or else you'll suffer in the field. Having a lousy pair of boots has made fire season even more excruciating than it already is, it has ruined many hunting trips and has made work a living hell for many people.

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  2. What Are NFPA Fire Boot Standards?

    The National Fire Protection Association sets standards in terms of construction, measurements and so on for fire boots. Municipal and wildland fire departments all require that personnel have the appropriate gear in order to do one of the most important jobs in existence, and the NFPA determines what meets their criteria.

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  3. How Long Should Work Boots Last?

    It's a valid question. After all, you should expect to replace work boots at certain intervals, just like you should expect to replace casual shoes, tires on your car or many other things that take wear over time.

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