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  1. What Are Packer Boots?

    Packer boots are an older style of work boot that dates to at least the 19th century, as they have features that are functional for people who rode on horseback. Granted, they still make fantastic work boots IF you find that they're suited for you.

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  2. Should My Work Boots Have A Raised Heel?

    The boot-heel design has actually evolved over hundreds of years. More than 500 years ago, Persians were wearing shoes with a raised heel, not unlike high heel shoes that women wear today. Why did they?

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  3. Are Handmade Leather Shoes A Good Investment?

    Handmade leather shoes are not just a product that fills a need for a time; they're an investment for the long haul.

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  4. How Do I Break In Leather Work Boots?

    You invested in a pair of great leather work boots, and the sooner the process is commenced, the sooner they'll form to your feet and become the bespoke pair of footwear that you ordered in the first place.

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