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  1. Should I Consider Wedge Sole Work Boots?

    Do you work on hard surfaces? Do you need the utmost of traction but don't need to worry about the self-cleaning, hard-grabbing properties of a lug sole? Do you spend most of your time on solid ground rather than mixed terrain?

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  2. Do Leather Work Boots Make Good Outdoor Or Hunting Boots?

    A good sturdy pair of boots is great for general wear, on and off the job site. However, are leather work boots good for general outdoor use as well, such as being used as hunting boots or hiking boots? A good pair of boots, after all, can handle a lot more than typical footwear in terms of overall wear and tear.

    The short answer is that they'll work...but the truth is that they are not the best tool for the task. Custom work boots, especially those of a wildland firefighting boot or logger boot design, are designed and constructed to work well in the outdoors, but modern hunting boots have design elements that make them better-suited to those applications.

    How so? Well, let's dig into that a bit more.

    What Features Leather Work Boots Have

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