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  1. Are Leather Boots Good For Winter?

    leather boots in the snow

    Leather boots can make for fantastic winter boots with the proper preparation, and accessories. Here are a few ways to get the most out of your boots during those colder days.

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  2. What Is Latigo Leather?

    What is latigo leather? It's a wonderful boot leather for casual or working boots. Find out more here...

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  3. What Are Horween Leather Boots?

    Horween leather boots are leather boots that are made using leather by the Horween Leather Company. What makes them so special, though?

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  4. Safety Boot Reimbursement Program & Nicks Boots

    Nicks Boots is deeply grateful for the continued efforts of our forest service workers. 

    On October 1st, 2020, the USDA Forest Service increased the reimbursement amount for the Safety Boot Reimbursement Program to $500.  To make it as easy as possible to get the highest-quality American-Made footwear, we offer our wildland firefighter boots for $500 to all workers who qualify for the stipend starting Oct. 1 until the end of the year.

    Thank you again for all of your efforts.  

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  5. What Boots Are Required For Construction?

    There aren't any specific boots required for construction, but there are certain features that are. What kind of work boots you get are entirely up to you.

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  6. Will Leather Work Boots Stretch?

    Feeling a bit tight at first? A bit of pinching happening? Don't worry; a little bit is normal with new boots.

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  7. Are Work Boots Tax Deductible?

    Did you know work boots are actually tax deductible in some situations?

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  8. Can You Wear Work Boots To Work In An Office?

    You absolutely can wear work boots to work in an office. In fact, a growing portion of sales of certain work boot brands and styles are increasingly for casual use.

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  9. How To Dry Work Boots If They Get Soaked

    You're on the job site and your boots get soaked, either due to working conditions or a downpour from the heavens. What do you do?

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  10. What Are The Best Work Boots Money Can Buy?

    Large national brands have to cut corners somewhere to offer products at a price point that keeps them profitable since they deal in volume. They have to keep prices low enough for the buyer to not race for the back button.

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