About Our Name

Nicks is evolving as a company and in what we call ourselves. Our name is now Nicks Boots, and we also will call ourselves Nicks Handmade Boots when there is room to write that. There are still many references to us out there as Nick's Custom Boots, but we have dropped the apostrophe going forward, and we feel that "Custom" implies we only do full custom or bespoke boots, which we do, but most of our customers walk away from our store, our dealers, or our webstore with a stock boot that we have built and inventoried from standard lasts. For government agencies, our State of Washington official name is Nick's Custom Boots, LLC. However, we will be DBA: Nicks Handmade Boots. www.nicksboots.com is our website. We also own www.nickshandmadeboots.com. Nickscustomboots is not our website; it is a Canadian maker of police and other boots.

We are the only Nicks Boots in Spokane, Washington and in the USA.

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