Made To Order for this unique combination.  Stocked in Brown Smooth

The Saddle Robert


The Natural Born Boot

This leather combination is Made To Order.

This boot has evolved from our workhorse “Ranger” line and is handcrafted with the same quality.  We like to call it the “Natural Born Boot” because it is shaped around your foot, is made from the finest US sourced leather, and gives great arch support like our Hot Shot(R) work boots.  See sizing suggestions below.  This boot is IN STOCK in Brown Domane leather from Seidel.   This  version is ordered as Made To Order.

Size — Order about a size shorter than athletic shoe *

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Product Description

The Ready to Wear “Robert” — The “Natural Born Boot”

  • Made with Rough Out CXL Natural upper and Brown Domane smooth toe and heelo
  • Nicks Legendary Arch Support
  • Order about a size smaller than your athletic shoe size (due to higher arch)
  • Made-To-Order with Fit Sheet
  • Lighter leather (6 oz) for easier break in and comfort
  • Pull Strap
  • Plain toe
  • Suggest Dainite sole
  • Stable Dogger heel and Dainite heel cap
  • Brown nylon laces

At its heart and soul, Nicks is a serious work boot maker.  But time and time again our customers have requested we offer a more casual boot. So here is the “Saddle Robert”.

*Sizing is about one full size less than your normal athletic shoe size.  D is Medium; E is wide; and EE is wider.  Choosing a size smaller is due to Nicks Legendary Arch support which pulls your toes in.   Boot should have  a thumb’s width between end of toe and end of boot.  Leather arch will settle a bit as boot breaks in.  If questions before or after ordering, call 1-800-824-2685.  If you get the size wrong, we’ll get you a pair that fit.  Just don’t wear the boots outside so you can send them back and receive a suitable replacement size.

Additional Information

Weight 96 oz
Dimensions 14.25 x 13 x 6 in


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