Stocked in Mini-Vibram soleStock Ranger is 8" Walnut

Ranger 8″ Work Boot

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Stock Work Boot — The Ranger 8″

This workhorse of Nicks can be worn all day long giving you comfort and support for tough, demanding jobs.  Perfect for farming, ranching or all-around the warehouse , the Mini-Vibram® sole has just the right amount of traction and durability.  We stock a range of sizes in 8″ walnut smooth. If you’ve worn Nicks before you can order from the sizes available.  However, a fit sheet or personal fit is always advised.  Please mail us a fit sheet.

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Product Description

Workhorse Work Boot – the Ranger

The Ranger is completely handmade American classic for general purpose work, warehouse, driving, farming, ranching, and construction.  Stocked in 8 inch smooth walnut as shown with mini Vibram® sole, toe No. 3.  You must be measured for the Ranger to buy online as we want to make sure this hard working boot fits your feet. See How to Measure Video and Sizing Guide.

  • Thickest premium leather for durability (7 ½ to 8 oz)
  • Each boot built from the same hide
  • Mini Vibram® sole (430) and #3 Toe
  • Legendary Arch Support for all day comfort
  • Stocked in 8” smooth walnut; can be built in chocolate or black
  • Built to order 6” to 12”
  • Rebuildable and Resolable
  • Handmade in the USA

Additional Information

Weight 104 oz
Dimensions 14.25 x 13 x 6 in

2 reviews for Ranger 8″ Work Boot

  1. 5 out of 5


    I own and wear Nicks, Whites and Redwings; this review is based on experience and comparison with those brands.

    I have owned and worn these Nicks regularly to work and play for close to 3 years. Two or three times a year I clean, brush and oil these boots. These are my designated work boots and I have worn them in temps between -20 f and 105 f, rain, snow and sun, on pavement, carpet and mountain crags etc. with no issues at all.

    I bought them online without a fit chart and had never owned a pair Nicks before; consequently my review is positive with a notes about what I will change and why when I have these rebuilt.


    Sturdy construction: no loosening of stitching, eyelets or hooks.

    Heavy weight leather: has held up very well. The welt, heel counter and vamp show signs of use without any failing of function. The upper is also in great condition.

    Sole: mini-vibram and has lasted well and is easy to clean for inside/outside work.

    Heel stack: like the day I bought them! One issue apparent in other boots I own is the heel stack loosening with time and wear (less time and wear than these Nicks have by the way). I count 13 nails holding Nicks heel stack together. This may be a finite point to some but is significant to me.

    Even wear: this boot is built well enough that it is ‘evenly’ wearing out. By that I mean there is no weak point that I have found. Before, when I wore lower quality footwear, there was always a weak point. The sole would start coming off, or the stitching would fail, it was always one thing or the other that would prematurely end the life of the shoe. So far these boots have worn like iron and have not shown any weak spots.

    One thing I will change:

    There are 5 eyelets and 4 hooks; the extra eyelet makes taking off/ putting on boots makes noticeably more difficult than similar boots with 4 eyelets and 5 hooks. I realize this is picky, but it is noticeable (every time I take off these boots).

    Also, I believe this added to initial discomfort* during the break-in period and how the tongue and upper formed to my foot. Enough discomfort I considered having a cobbler switch it out, but not enough that I actually had it done.

    * This may just be ‘me’ issue, but maybe not. I have a pretty average foot and didn’t notice this discomfort in other similar boots (5 pairs) with 4 eyelets and 5 hooks.


    Great boots and I plan to have Nicks resole them as they don’t appear to need a ‘rebuild’ after almost 3 years of use. When I send them in I will request a hook replace the 5th eyelet, it will be worth it.

    Even though I got a ‘good’ fit without the fit chart I recommend using one before buying your first pair, the extra postage to send it to the factory is worth the comfort and fit you feel every time you put them on.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I purchased a pair of Nicks Ranger 8″ boots about 6 or 7 years ago. The very best fitting, and most durable boot that there is. I wore another boot for years,and hands down, Nicks are a far superior boot. I’ve had them rebuilt once. Couldn’t do without them while I waited for my rebuild, so I purchased another pair. I had mine built in Black Leather. Hats off, Love em.

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