Nicks Boots Color & Leather Options

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42 thoughts on “Nicks Boots Color & Leather Options

  1. I was looking at the 16″ tall but I would like them in tan or wheat.
    how much?

    1. Depending on the style you want, it starts at $577+.

  2. Hi, I am wanting the welted packer with black caiman or black bison over brown caiman. Can you give me an estimate? I
    would be much appreciative.

    1. Hey! So it looks like an all Caiman boot is about $1100 and Bison over Caiman is about $855. What country do you live in because there are Caiman restrictions in some areas.

      1. I’m in Eugene, OR. I was planning on taking a trip to Spokane, WA so I can get fitted at your shop. The black bison over brown caiman sounds like a good price.

        Is there any kind of payment plans that you do, like paying $200 a month with a $300 down payment to get the work started?

        Let me know and thank you for responding so quickly.


        1. Usually we require half down but $300 to start would be fine. When you do decide to come in and order the boots, we can discuss payment options.

          1. Thank you, you have been very helpful. I hope to see you guys soon.

  3. Hi from Alberta, love all the boots. Will have to come to the store this fall, good excuse for a drive. In the most popular section, you show a Tan Teton over Black DOmaine leather. What is the shoe called? Thx and hope to see you this fall, I want to try on a pair of the Travellers. Hopefully the dollar exchange is a lot better by then!!

    1. Hello! Thanks for the great feed back! Are you on the Nicks website or Instagram for those boots?

  4. Is there a catolog online i can look at?

    1. We have all of our boots on our website, but if you would like i could send you a catalog.

  5. Do you have a sole meeting ASTM F 2413-11 with an EH rating or ASTM F 2413-05,
    Class 75 with EH rating

    1. We can make a boot EH certified.

      1. Can you make any boot EH rated with ASTM F 2413-11?

        1. Yes we can. As long as you specify that is what you want.

  6. Hi, I watched wranglerstar on youtube and seen his boot videos. I’ve always bought Redwing Lineman boots, mainly because I lived in Wisconsin and was very close to where they’re made. I’m looking at getting a new pair of boots in a couple months and thought I might give these a try. Can you tell me which boot you have that is like the logger lineman boot from Redwing, or a BETTER boot even? I do construction and I build Monolithic concrete domes down here in Louisiana now, so the heavier duty the boot the better. Also, how long does it usually take to get a pair of boots made?

    1. Hello Bill! Have you looked at our website? Our most popular boot is the Hot Shot. It is very durable but all of our boots are made to last, as long as you take care of them. Also, right now our build time is 10 to 12 weeks but that does not include getting your fit sheet and doing the try on process. Hope this helps.

  7. Do you charge extra if I want all eyelets instead of hooks? I’m looking at a peanut bison homesteader, anywhere from 12-16 inches depending on the price.

    1. Nope we do not charge extra.

  8. Hello
    How much is the Hot Shot by Cordovan leather?
    And, also how much is the Hot Shot using Stinglay Leather?
    Can you send boots to Japan? If you can, how much is it send a pair of boots(USPS)?
    Please reply by easy English for I understanding.
    Thank you

    1. We can not get in Cordovan leather. A sting ray boot is $772. And yes we can ship to Japan via USPS and price is determined at time of shipping.

  9. Hello
    i m looking for exactly thoses in 10.5
    that you produce for ZURIICK
    is it possible?
    how much ?and how long to be deliver in france ?

    1. Yes we can make these. The price is $449 and it takes 10-12 weeks to build. And possibly a week to deliver to France.

  10. Hey Rachel
    thank you 3 months to build it ?
    hard to wait …

    1. Yes it takes about 3 months to build.

  11. I live in Fairbanks, Alaska and just purchased 40 acres on which I will build a log home from the trees on the property. I see that you have a dealer here – Big Ray’s. Will using them to order the boots speed up the process over dealing directly with you? Is there an increase in cost to get the cork boots with a steel toe?

    1. It will speed the process up a little but not a lot. And yes getting a steel toe in any boot is $30 more.

  12. Do you guys have the hotshot in walnut brown with toe and heel rough out and tops walnut smooth in stock or are these custom made boots?
    I sent in my measurements the other day!

    1. We have all black Hotshot boots in stock but if you are wanting walnut, we can make that boot that color. And it is no extra charge and doesn’t make it custom.

  13. I’m looking for a pair of wildling firefighting boots, and was wondering if you could make a pair of your boots with the “hole” style boot pulls similar to these ? What would the additional cost be? Also, Is there any physical difference between NFPA certified and non NFPA certified boots?


    1. Yeah we can do that. It will be $40 a hole. And the only difference between the two is that NFPA certified boots get technora thread and a Vibram Red X oil resistant sole.

      1. So the holes would cost $160?

        Thanks for the info

        1. Yes and no problem!

  14. Awesome, should I place my order now or wait till you guys contact me after receiving my fit sheet?

  15. I’m a welder need a boot that is water resistant and steel toe. Was looking at the hotshots lace to toe in the peanut bison just wondering what your reconmentation
    you had and the price I’m looking at I shouldn’t need a custom fit just 11.5 d

    1. I wouldn’t use peanut bison since you are welding. Your best bet is to choose one of the work leathers because they are more durable.

      1. Can you do a tan Teton rough out lower and a smooth upper and do you do payment plans

        1. Yes we can do that. And we need at least half down to start.

  16. Interested in the traveler with walnut rough side out bottom, and walnut smooth top. is this a option, and is it extra. I’m a Ironworker and wanted to try the rough side outs to see if they hold better. thank you

    1. Yes but it would then be called a Bowhunter instead. No extra charge.

  17. Hi,

    I’ve got two pairs of your hotshots and I love them. I need to send one pair in for a rebuild. Can you put the honey colored vibram soles on them?

    1. Yes we can! That’s a super easy change to do.

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